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We wanted a narrowboat that we could live on comfortably while we explore the English Inland Waterways but with champagne taste and beer money, that was a tall order. Nevertheless, with patience and perseverance, we followed our heart and fitted out the boat of our dream. Combining traditional and modern elements, we have a creation to be proud of. The boatman’s cabin leads the 'traditional', and gives way to a veteran engine in the engine room.


In the engine room, alongside the ‘traditional’ is the ‘new’. Ian has installed a Fisher Panda 4 ½ KVA diesel generator which will augment the bank of four leisure batteries (and one starter battery). A Power Master intelligent inverter completes the picture to look after our modern electrical needs. A Webasto diesel heater to heat water and provide central heating for the winter is also housed in the engine room. Forward of the engine room, Winedown is quite contemporary and comfortable with features of modern living. We now have the means to be quite independent, so we are making the most of it.


Live Your Dream

Fitting out a narrowboat is no small task so we spread the build over many smaller projects. In this way we were able to work on her during the winter months while we played during the summer months. As a result we have had many wonderful adventures (and some calamities) and shared them with family and friends alike..

Newbury Waterways Festival


The Waterways Festival held in Newbury is a chance for the Devizes Boat Club to join with Pewsey Boat Club as well as the Kennet & Avon Canal Trust.Alex and Gene have joined us at the Annual Newbury Waterways festival on more than one occasion. It has been a time to kick back and enjoy good times, good company and good weather.


We First Met Sally and Mark Emery at the Newbury Waterways festival and have spent some lovely boating adventures with them since. Sally and Mark own NB Liberty and can be seen in some of our adventure pictures.


Moored in Frouds Bridge Marine, we could be anywhere on the canal. We have a beautiful mooring and have been fortunate enough to watch a pair of swans raise their family. Here, Ivor and Shiela enjoy lunch with us at the marina.


IWA - Beale Park

The Inland Waterways Association (IWA) put on an annual festival which is held in a different location each year. In 2010, the IWA Festival was at Beale Park and we attended with Winedown and met up with the Emery Family.

Our Dream_0.JPG We set off early in the morning to avoid the bottleneck at the locks. You can imagine what it is like at the end of an event of any kind when everyone else is leaving. With over 400 boats all wanting to set off on the same day, the organisers had a list of ‘departure times’ to alleviate the pressure. We were among the first to go and we were rewarded with some spectacular views of the River Thames


After the IWA Beale Park Festival, we made the best of the glorious weather and with Mark and Sally (and NB Liberty) took Winedown down the River Thames and into London’s Paddington Basin, returning a week later.


We were able to enjoy some lovely evenings with spectacular views.

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