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Jessamine Cottage      
Jessamine Cottage was built in the late 1700's to early 1800's. We found a date of 1816 etched on a brick near the original front door and this seems to fit with the research that we did. When we first saw the cottage, it badly needed renovating so we thought we would see what we could do to bring it back to life.
Back View      
The back view of Jessamine Cottage as we first saw it. When there was a Methodist chapel in Ashford Hill, this was the front of the cottage.
Front View      
The Front view of Jessamine Cottage as we first saw it. This originally faced the service lane but has been the front of the cottage for many years. Chapel Lane is now the original service lane.
And Now      
After the extension and the renovation (which included a complete new thatch), the results were amazing.
The Garden      
And before long, we were able to turn our attention to the garden.
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